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How do I apply nail wraps?

1. Push back your cuticles.

2. Clean your natural nails with nail polish remover so that it is grease-free.

3. Apply a base coat to protect your natural nails. Please let the basecoat dry thoroughly for at least 1 hour.

4. Choose the right nail foil for your natural nail. Pull the transparent protective film off the nail foil  and stick it in the middle of the nail.  Now swipe the nail foil to the left and right. Please be careful not to stick too close to the cuticle.

5. Now fold the protruding nail foil over your nail tip and file off the foil horizontally in one direction.

6. I recommend sealing the nail foil with a top coat. This is how you achieve a long shelf life.Caution!Please do not apply the top coat too thick, otherwise your nail foil will come off or bubbles will form.


You can remove the nail foil with  Nagellackentferner. Please never pull the film down directly.


The nail foils are also suitable for gel, acrylic nails and shellac nails.

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